External POP relay to IMAP

I want to suck my mail out of hotmail (using the new POP service) and relay it out of DreamHost using IMAP. Is that possible, or easy? Is there any documentation that would help (I looked on the wiki and couldn’t see anything obvious).

IMAP isn’t a relaying protocol, but…

The ‘standard’ way to do this is with a program called ‘fetchmail’, which pulls mail down from various mailbox protocols (POP,IMAP and variants) and puts it back into SMTP (broadly speaking). Fetchmail is designed to run at user-level on a shared server so technically there should be no problem but I have no idea whether DreamHost allows it for ‘policy’ reasons. However, you can use it to fetch mail from anywhere and forward it to anywhere so you can run it at a ‘third’ location (i.e. nothing to do with the original POP3 box OR the eventual destination server).