External email hosting and webmail

So I’m about to switch to everyone.net for e-mail hosting. I want to keep the http://webmail.mydomain.com URL for my users to to use browser-based e-mail. Is this possible? everyone.net will offer me a URL like http://mydomaincom.mail.everyone.net. After changing my MX records to everyone.net’s servers, can I set-up a subdomain on the DH web panel that redirects http://webmail.mydomain.com to the URL above provided by everyone.net? Or will DH tell me it cannot setup a new subdomain “webmail.mydomain.com” because it already exists? Thanks in advance for any insight.

If you disable webmail for the domain in question, it should let you. Key word here is should. I haven’t tried it since email on DH works just fine for me, or will when it stops being slow. But, if DH doesn’t have a reason to set up webmail.yourdomain.com, then it should let you. Alternatively, you can always rename webmail.yourdomain.com to something else, and reuse that.

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I was actually lurking here to find an answer to a problem I was having related to this.

If you switch to custom MX, the “non-editable” webmail.yourdomain.com record appears to be removed and you can add a CNAME or an A record of that name. I haven’t verified that it resolves since that was not what I actually wanted to accomplish.

I was looking to create webmail.yourdomain.com as a subdomain and that fails with “Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.”

Haven’t dug for a workaround yet. If I don’t find one I’ll probably open a support ticket.

Renaming webmail.domain.com, or disabling webmail, should free up that domain. I haven’t actually tried either, but… it would make sense. If you don’t plan to use DH’s webmail, try disabling it, then adding that domain as a subdomain. Or rename it to something off the wall that you’re not likely to bother with, since you’re not using it anyway.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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Looks like there’s a bug of some sort. With custom MX active I can create a DNS record for webmail…, but not a sub-domain for webmail…

I’ve opened a ticket. We’ll see how it goes.