External DNS Hosting

I’ve got an international domain hosted with a provider, but my web hosting is all through dreamhost (yay!!) Is there any way to make it so when a user visits myexample.ca they get the content from myexample.dreamhost.com but myexample.ca shows up in the address bar?

That’s your registration that’s external (or is your mail there instead of at DreamHost?). It’d be easier just to use DreamHost DNS. You should be able to set the DNS servers at your .ca registrar to use ns1.dreamhost.com, etc.

Is there a reason you don’t want to do this?

There may be a way to set up a CNAME at your .ca provider, but I don’t know how DreamHost can be configured to respond to a CNAME.


That works great, i didn’t realize that was an option. Thanks for the info!!!

Simple - some of us are testing the Web Service and aren’t ready to cut over until we migrate all the site’s content. We don’t want to mess with possible downtime in migrating DNS while we migrate a bunch of content.

jelavich, this person is already web hosting here at DreamHost, so it’s not a cutover issue, for which there are other solutions.


This may not be necessarily directly connected with the question that @snowmaninthesun had, but as I came across this post while looking for an answer to my question, I thought about sharing a possible solution.

See the following post I wrote about a somewhat similar problem I came across with hosting a site at Dreamhost, while having my DNS hosted someplace else without relying on the stability of IP addresses at DH (which may change):


Hope it helps somebody :slight_smile:


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