External DNS and Jabber Server


I moved one of my domains to my own DNS servers, but I still want to use DH’s Jabber server. Can somebody tell me where my SRV records have to point? I can’t point them to mydomain.com because mydomains.com’s A record points to my VPS and I only want to host some subdomains with DH.



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The DNS entries for my Jabber server are CNAMEs for my main domain. I guess this is good news, as all you need is the IP address of your DreamHost webserver, even though you’re not using it. I hope your domain still exists here, even though DNS doesn’t point to it.

If you click on Domains -> Manage Domains, then DNS next to your domain name, you should see all the info you need. For my domain, my Jabber entries are:

(minus the .mydomain.com, as that’s implied within DNS) they are all CNAMEs for mydomain.com, which is the IP address of MYWEBSERVER.dreamhost.com