External Cloudflare DNS Setup Please Help!

HI Guys,

I am dying here, on my 10th email to customer support.
I am moving my site to new VPS here. I have external Cloudflare account.
I need help with setting up the DNS so that this external Cloudflare works.
At the current host I point the DNS to cloudflare.

I keep trying to explain this to the customer service but they don’t seem to get it.
They tell me crazy things like I need to go to Cloudflare to set things up. No I don’t. Thats already done. I need to move the site hosting to Dreamhost while pointing the DNS to Cloudflare.

Does anyone know how to do this?
Or what to say to the CS so they get it?


Much of what you have said there has some ambiguity, which might be why you are having trouble communicating with support.

By “I point the DNS to cloudflare.” do you mean that the nameservers for the domain are pointed to cloudflares nameservers? That’s how I generally read what you wrote. That would be a setup that support doesn’t deal with often, but should be aware of. What they deal with and are most familiar with is cloudflare via the dreamhost panel. It’s also one of several different possibilities for domains in general but the only one that’s particularly logical in the case of cloudlfare.

If that’s the case what you should need to do is lookup the IP that Dreamhost assigned to the domain. You can do that by clicking DNS in the dreamhost panel for the domain that has DNS nameservers pointed elsewhere. Dreamhost still generates DNS records on dreamhost nameservers, but since the domains nameservers are pointed elsewhere the dreamhost entries won’t be exposed anywhere except internally at dreamhost.

If that’s the case get the A-Record and head over to cloudflare to replace the old hosting providers IP with the new one from dreamhost, that you just looked up.

Yep, just as LakeRat says. I just did something similar recently. I moved from shared hosting here to VPS here, so I did the two-window shuffle:

  1. Use one window to open up DreamHost panel and click DNS in Manage Domains
  2. Use another window to open up CloudFlare DNS for your domain
  3. Start copying IP addresses from the DreamHost window over to the CloudFlare DNS entries to replace your old IP addresses

That’s it! It’s really quick at the CloudFlare end.

Post back if you have any more questions.