External ad links in post content

I am suddenly seeing external ad links to different texts in a post content on all the sites hosted with you guys.What must i do to remove it.Using wordpress 3.6.
notice the red -double underline in ‘olive oil’ ,“instructions”


please help.I do not want any ad external links to any content.

We do not insert advertising into sites hosted with us — this type of behavior is usually the result of malware installed on your computer modifying the way that web sites are displayed to you. Please run a malware scan on your computer and, if applicable, disable any browser extensions you may have installed.

Just to double up on what Andrew said, I don’t see any such links on your sites :frowning: Can you check with a second PC?

If you’re still seeing this, open up a ticket and ask for a hack scan, so we can trawl your accounts and make sure it’s not something only Windows users see (been there, done that)