hello all ,

I really need to know if there is some way to let the extension=php_mssql.dll extension load in your php server. I tried to do the way of the custom_php_ini but it just wont let the extension load.

I am in a big need to get this working :frowning:

That extension is not available in the default php installations on DreamHost.

Note that, per http://us2.php.net/mssql:

" Requirements for Unix/Linux platforms.

To use the MSSQL extension on Unix/Linux, you first need to build and install the FreeTDS library. Source code and installation instructions are available at the FreeTDS home page: » http://www.freetds.org/

Note: In Windows, the DBLIB from Microsoft is used. Functions that return a column name are based on the dbcolname() function in DBLIB. DBLIB was developed for SQL Server 6.x where the max identifier length is 30. For this reason, the maximum column length is 30 characters. On platforms where FreeTDS is used (Linux), this is not a problem.


The MSSQL extension is enabled by adding extension=php_mssql.dll to php.ini.

To get these functions to work, you have to compile PHP with --with-mssql[=DIR], where DIR is the FreeTDS install prefix. And FreeTDS should be compiled using --enable-msdblib."

To accomplish this on your DreamHost server, you will need to compile your own PHP (general instructions are in the DH Wiki article on installing PHP5) in accordance with the instructions above including the installation of the FreeTDS library compiled using --enable-msdblib.

When that is done properly, you can then enable mssql.dll in your php.ini.


Wow :smiley: since I am not very experienced at compiling and such over an ftp / browser base, is there a chance that one of the workers on DH could perform that for me? Against a charge ofcouse.

Zack, I don’t think it can even be done “over an FTP/browser base” connection; this work would have to be done over an ssh connection using a shell.

DreamHost does not offer such custom development as a formal service, though you might could prevail upon a DH staffer with the appropriate skill to undertake it as a “side job” (if they are not precluded from doing so by a workplace rule; and I honestly don’t know about any of that).

Alternately, you might find another DH user with the skillset to do this for you (there are some real wizards that lurk in these forums). I know user Mousee does some of this type of work, and I’m sure there are others about. Hopefully one of them may see your post and come forward with an offer to help you.

You might also inquire on the DreamHost IRC channel on Freenode (#dreamhost), as many very knowledgeable linux wizards (and many DH employees) hang out there.


sweet thanks alot for the infos and the fast replies :slight_smile:

You are welcome, and good luck! :slight_smile: