Extension Needed

I admin a website for my girlfriend’s company and she’s gotten several suggestions to have an area on her website where visitors could post links to area events and websites. I’m looking for an extension that would do this and would be easy to administer. I know that if it was “wide open”, it’d become a haven for spam links, and we don’t want that. So we’d want links (or posts) to only appear after they’re approved by an administrator.

Any suggestions on a good way to implement this? I can’t do any programming myself, but I have installed phpBB on my own (before it was a 1-click install) and a few mods (not the same domain we’re talking about though).

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure but would making the forum private stop bots? If you make a special ‘approved’ user group, you could set aside a forum (with password?) that has these links? That should all be in phpBB and if not there will be mod for it…

I am quite sure that phpbb can be set up for administer approved sign ups. Also it would be a good idea to change the htaccess in the main folder of the forum, if you do not want bots to read the posts and members profiles.
The next version of phpbb will be even easier to handle these problems.

Doesn’t phpbb allow setting per-forum permissions? So you could leave all other forums unmoderated except this forum which needs admin approval for each post.

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This could be created in dreamweaver in under an hour… Allow users to submit links and categorize them, pending approval of an administrator. In fact I have to set one of these up for one of my clients, I’m just waiting for them to write the check.


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I talked to my g/f again and got some more details. It sounds as if she’s thinking there will be more “calendar” events than website links that will show up on this that she would want.

The people posting will probably not be known to us before they post, so setting them up in a forum probably wouldn’t work… We’re hoping to publicize the site as a place for people to make their events known to other people, so we’ll get a lot of “strangers” wandering in to post their stuff. We just want to have nothing show up on the site until it’s approved by one of our people.

Hope this additional detail helps.

I know forum posts can be held in a queue for validation… so you could tell people to write
22 May 2005 - Event name
and then the post can wait until validation.

But I’m not sure about calendar events… maybe there is a mod, but I think this would be more specialised.

I’d be happy to create something like this for you, but standalone (not integrated into phpBB. It’s too long since I’ve modded phpBB)

Sounds like you want a CMS or Calendar, not necs. phpBB.

Maybe, spend a little time at http://opensourcecms.com, trying out different portals. You could then install the one that seems best suited to your needs.

You could perhaps create an Events Blog type site using Wordpress, which is also a one-click install at DH, if you don’t want to get into installing scripts yourself.