ExpressionEngine and ImageMagik issue

I’ve been having problems getting ExpressionEngine and ImageMagik to work together. I finally had one of the devs take a look at my site to see what was wrong. My setup is correct but this is what he said

[quote]This is the error message I get when I turn on error reporting and make the exec function unsilent (i.e. does not report errors):

Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/.fatty/schweb/ on line 717

So, I looked at your PHP Info and all of these functions are disabled: exec,system,dl,passthru,chown

This means that you cannot use Imagemagick, since there is no way to access it via PHP without exec, system, or passthru.

Does this make sense? Is there anyway to get those functions enabled so ImageMagik will work?

bryan | website

Try reading this info at the KBase: PHP Security

You might be able to run ExpressionEngine as php-cgi and access ImageMagik that way. This works for running Gallery, which also uses ImageMagik, at Dreamhost.

Thanks for the tip, by enabling PHP as CGI I’m able to use ImageMagik. I did have to work out some other issues though when I enabled that, but everything is pretty much back to normal…

bryan | website