ExpressionEngine and CPU Seconds

Looking for anyone experiencing large CPU seconds consumption with ExpressionEngine. I’m presently using 1.3.2 and using PHP 5.0.4. I have no idea is EE really is responsible for the CPU seconds consumption, Dreamhost has notified me that the consumption is up. I’m assuming EE is the culprit – because it is the really only active app I have running (very low volume of postings). I suspect it has to do with referrer spammers. I just implemented the Blacklist in .htaccess and a Redirect 404 for the referrer template in the same htaccess.

I have MediaWiki, WordPress, Drupal, and MovableType all running as well – but only for my testing – pretty much zero content with comments/trackbacks disabled. MediaWiki is locked down as well.

Anyone with CPU seconds problems and EE? TIA!

I use EE with PHP4, and haven’t run into problems with CPU consumption. But then, my site doesn’t have many visitors. The blacklist module is awesome.

Are you using PHP as apache module or CGI? Blacklist is great – I’m waiting to see if that corrects the problem with tomorrow’s log.

I’m using it as a CGI module. I tried it using an Apache module, but I ran into some problem with the image gallery so I switched to cgi mode.