Expression Engine render times

Anyone running Expression Engine on DH? If you have a chance sometime, I’d be curious to know what kind of page rendering times you are experiencing.

I’m running a mere shell of a test site and the page render times are an order of magnitude slower than the EE devs say it should be. 1.5 to 4 seconds, instead of tenths of a second. This is even after caching pages, templates, queries. Even just moving around my EE control panel is resulting in script processing times of .75 to 2 seconds.

I’m running one of the provided templates, between 20-30 queries depending on the page, and pulling in only five or six entries on any given page. The site runs off ‘fud’ with ‘flipper’ as the MySQL server.

How’s your EE performance?

I also run EE. The slow performance is a general DH problem right now, not EE specific. Any db driven site is having issues with speed. Supposedly they’re working on it, but they’ve been saying that since January.

bryan | website

Thanks Bryan. I’ve noticed an improvement in the last couple of days - I’m currently seeing render times mostly under a second. I can live with that and hope they will stay there. It’s good to know it’s not an EE thing.

Of course experience tells me that the minute I actually move my live site to the new EE site, render times will go back to 2-7 seconds :frowning:

Dreamhost has been having some issues of late with the MYSQL server getting boged down and taking a very long time with query responses (1 to 4 sec.) I thought they had solved this as no one has mentioned it recently here on the boards, but possibly this is what you encountered?