Expression Engine question

I’ve just installed Expression Engine Core for my blog, which DreamHost doesn’t support, so I really need someone’s help!!

I’ve just upgraded from pMachine free to EE Core, and have lost my old site, so there’s no turning back I guess. I’ve been able to import all my old posts and comments as far as I can see, but now I have broken links.

My blog is at

I notice that when you click on a comment link (e.g. scroll down, and click on the comments for the post “What’s This?” on April 7), the url is and it works fine.

However, when you scroll down to the very end of a page and click on one of the page numbers to go to the next page, when you hover your mouse over the link, the url is (no “site” after the index.php?), and so it’s a broken link.

According to the EE Core forums, the problem I’m having is that my server isn’t correctly supporting the ”path_info” server variable. I have tried everything the EE people told me to try, but it doesn’t work.

Can anyone help, or do I have to get DreamHost to support the “path_info” server variable?

I’m not sure if i completely understand this… but I’ve installed the same engine this morning and had a similar issue.

Check out this message on the EE Knowledge Base…

I changed the “Force Query String” preference and I modified the qtype variable to 2 on my index.php and it seems to have fixed the problem… at least i’m not getting the 404 errors I was getting previously.

Did you try this?

For some reason, that doesn’t work for me. I already tried both “fixes”, but still no joy.

I’m having a similar issue but with a twist. I have EE installed on two different DH machines and on one I need to use the fix but on the other it works fine w/o the fix.

Is PATH_INFO running correctly on some machines but not others?