Exporting mail to google apps for work -- all good except Squirrel Mail

Hey All–

We’ve made the switch from using dreamhost for e-mail (using Outlook 2010 and the mail stores on our individual workstation C drives) – to moving everything over to Gmail (Google Apps for Work).

But for a couple of email addresses we only accessed that mail via webmail (Squirrel Mail) – via which we sent and received email for those particular mail boxes.

is it possible to recover those email and export them to Gmail? If so how?

Just found a discussion here:


Where the user points out that DreamHost cautions:

So I guess my revised question is: since I didn’t download all the email – is there still a way to recover that old email? I’m no longer “seeing it” in my cPanel. Which in and of itself doesn’t mean anything because I don’t know too much about any of this.

Google’s migration tool should be able to handle that. https://support.google.com/a/answer/6244545?hl=en

In step 8 use dreamhost server name. In my case I’m on homiemail-sub4, so I would use sub4.mail.dreamhost.com as the server address.