Exporting Email Address List for Gmail Hosting

Anyone know if you can export email addresses and passwords for import into Gmail when setting up Gmail hosting? I have 25 email addresses and don’t the know the passwords. I don’t want email service to be disrupted because I had to reset 25 email passwords

Service won’t get disrupted if you just set up those accounts before hand, other than waiting for DNS propagation. I have yet to see a way to bulk-add addresses at Gmail.

Speaking DNS, this means that for a little bit, some mail will go to the old mailbox and some to the new as the world learns where the new mailbox is. The easiest workaround is for users to forward their current mailbox to a third party address.


Gmail takes a csv to register username, first name, last name, and password.

My other question which would help me quite a bit: is there any way to retrieve email passwords from dreamhost accounts?