Export WP to New Host

I’m looking for a seamless way to export/import site including the sql db. I’ve set up a test site and when I import WP (import, all) I only get 30 out of 150 total users. I am also unable to import corresponding media properly linked to pages.

I am using Plesk 11.5.3 and importing old sql database, installing Word Press then importing old site to the new.

Hopefully there is a system which retains users and passwords.


You bet!

  1. Copy all the files to the new host
  2. On the new host, make a new SQL DB and import the backup
  3. Edit your wp-config.php to point to this new DB and use the new users
  4. Done!

You can read http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#When_Your_Domain_Name_and_URLs_Do_Not_Change for more information :slight_smile: