Export Database SQL to Excel port number

Hi, I have an old SQL database that is no longer being used. I wanted to export the information to excel using the Excel Data > Get Data > SQL Server database feature. How do I find my database server port?

Thank you

Port is 3306.

If you’re connecting from home you’ll need to whitelist external connections…

Panel → Websites → MySQL Databases

  • Scroll down to see your database of interest
  • Click the username you’ll be using to connect with
  • Under Allowable Hosts: Add your connecting IP
  • Click Modify [username] now

(You can also view the DB user password at that form).

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I did that. In the port on excel I put dreamhost: 3306 which was accepted but it would not accept my database user credentials. My issue is when I download the cvs sheets from myphpadmin, there is no common value so I can merge all the data. That is why I was trying to pull the information directly from the database into excel.

Thank you for your help


Are you using a Panel-configured mysql.domain.com:3306 endpoint or literally “dreamhost:3306” ?

I would advise not trying to do that. Backing up individual tables in CSV format is fine, however mapping the data of an entire relational database with the goal to getting it to function in a spreadsheet will drive you up the wall very quickly.

Better to install MySQL on your machine (or convert it to SQLite).

The information from the database needs to be in a cvs format so I can upload it into another program for historical use. This database is very old and I only need to gather the information from it. It will not longer be used as part of a website.

I was using dreamhost:3306 but will not try mysql.domain.com:3306 but not sure it will work since the database is no longer connected to any domain working domain name.

When I took on this job, I thought I could download as cvs and merge the data together and 90% I’ve been able to. Most the tables have at least one piece of matching variables but this last important part is a list with user ID but the user ID doesn’t match any other ideas.

Thank you for all your help

You could attach it to a free dreamhosters domain in Panel.
(DNS propagation will be quite fast – the “domain” is just a pointer to whichever MySQL server your database is hosted on).

That is often the result.

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