ExponentCMS DB set up

I’m trying to set up a database so that I can install an ExponentCMS. I have a live domain and want to establish a development copy of the domain currently running Exponent on DreamHost. I’ve set up a subdomain so that I can point the DNS to DreamHost and build the database. What IP address should I use for mysql?

You need to setup any databases from Panel.

First, create a Hostname:

[color=#0000CC]Goodies > Manage MySQL[/color]

  • Add New Hostname

  • New Hostname: (eg.) sql.domain.com

  • Click [color=#0000CC]Create this new hostname now![/color]

Then, create a database:

[color=#0000CC]Goodies > Manage MySQL[/color]

  • Scroll down to “Create a new MySQL database:”

  • Fill in the form and click [color=#0000CC]Add new database now![/color]

Now that’s done, use the Hostname (sql.domain.com) - as opposed to an IP or ‘localhost’ - within your script to have it connect to your database.

phpMyAdmin is available at http://sql.domain.com for importing/exporting.

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I understand how to set up a db.

This is the scenario:

The DNS is currently pointed to a host of a live CMS created on a different host. I want to recreate the website with the same CMS and a new database on dreamhost.

I have created a new subdomain and want to change the A record so that it points to the IP for the mysql db on dreamhost.

What IP do I need for the A record so this website can be duplicated?


I think that is “the hard way” to do it, actually. Have you seen:

http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DNS_-_Viewing_site_before_DNS_change and

–DreamHost Tech Support

oh this is very cool, this boll weavil may have found a home, still can’t access the mysql.chagrinriver.mywebhoster.com with phpmyadmin but it should resolve soon.