Explorer vs. Netscape

When viewing my page through Netscape, I’m unable to view the hover buttons correctly. There’s a message inside each hover button that reads, ‘Loading class fphover.class ang.ClassNotFoundException’. When viewing the page through Explorer, the page appears correct (the way it was designed). This site was designed using Front Page. What do I need to do to so that the page can be viewed properly in Netscape? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The problem you have is caused by the fact that you’re designing your web pages with a Microsoft HTML editor which takes advantage of features that the Microsoft browser supports, but others may not. Although Internet Explorer users vastly outnumber those with Netscape or others, I always try to design the web page for users of either. At the very minimum, I test with IE 5.5 and Netscape 4.75 to make sure they both render properly.

There are a tonne of other web page editors out there. I prefer Macromedia’s Dreamweaver (http://www.macromedia.com), but it’s a commercial product, so you’ll have to pay. (Unless you happen to stumble across a working serial number. :slight_smile:

More specific to your immediate problem though, I’d need to see the HTML/JavaScript behind your page. Could you provide a sample?

–Brad Barkhouse
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Yep, FrontPage builds for IE. I usually don’t bother testing for netscape 4.x anymore because my site stats show it’s around 1% of the users. It’s important not to ignore Netscape users, and using FrontPage that’s hard to do. The number of IE users dropped significantly in the last few months because AOL switched from IE as their browser to Gecko - what Netscape is based on.

In FP 2000 (2002 should be simlar - I just don’t have it):

Tools :: Page Options :: Compatibility

Select “Both Internet Explorer and Navigator”

and “4.0 and later browsers” (there might be choise of a later version in 2002)

and “Apache server” (cause that’s what DH uses)

Check the “Microsoft FrontPage Extentions” check box if you’ve got them enabled, and not if you don’t.

Learn HTML and do it without a WYSIWYG editor…as they always invariably have problems…

Tax tip: you can reduce your income taxes by writing your websites in MSIE-specific code.

At my sites that are built to the HTML/3.2 standard, about 20% of the traffic uses something other than MSIE.

If you like working 5 days a week for 4 days income, writing for MSIE instead of “AnyBrowser” is surely an easy way to cut your taxable income!