Expired Domain / Free Registrations

The domain I originally registered for free with DreamHost has recently expired. The domain, however, is still listed as “registered” in my account. I do not see a credit to register another free domain in my account. Is this because the expired domain is still “registered?”

FYI, the coupon code I used when purchasing hosting provided for 3 additional free domain registrations. So, I have a total of 4 free registrations. The fourth free domain was registered some months after the first three. Could this have anything to do with my not receiving credit to register a new domain when the first registered domain has expired?

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Good question, and one you’ll have to ask Support about via a ticket I’d guess. If you do, please let us know what they say about the way credits are applied. I don’t recall seeing a free credit while updating my domains the last time either (not to say one wasn’t already there, but it’d be nice to know). Like you, I try to extend them before the expiry dates roll around.

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