Expired Account - Remaking site

So I had my account suspended and apparently my SQL databases were deleted, however I still have all the actual wordpress files in my FTP still. I understand that all of my posts are probably gone, but is there anyway to start form scratch with the same wordpress design? I spent some significant time customizing my template among other things and it would be great to be able to just post new posts again from this template in wordpress. any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

It should be doable, granted I’m not sure what custom changes you made.

You can either do a fresh install and copy the theme files over to that new install, or do a fresh install somewhere random, then point the old install to use that database and delete the fresh install.

Have you tried going to Goodies->Mysql in the panel and trying the restore db feature?

Thanks for the reply thingee. If i wanted my old site to point at my new db how would I do that? also if i want to do the other method of copying themes over, is it just the themes folder i need to do?

In the directory of the wordpress install, there should a wp-config.php file. You should be able to change the database details in there to point to the new db.

And yes, just copying over the folders in the themes folder to the new install is all that’s needed to use the old themes from the old install.

so i moved my theme files over and activated it with no luck, are there any other files from my old wp that i should move over to make this work? maybe the css file? where do i find it if so?[hr]
the theme i am hoping to recover was the active theme on the page if that helps at all…

or maybe the saved settings i made for the original site?