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does dream host have sockets enabled on thier php?
i dont know if im asking it right, but im trying to create a socket server in php and i get this error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: socket_create() in /home/.dahnadryer/xxdaggerxx/ on line 11

I don’t know much, at all, about PHP, but it doesn’t look like the module or extension is loaded on soy, anyway.

soy% cat php.ini | grep php_sockets soy% On a Debian testing box here in the office, it’s not loaded either, at least in the default php4 configuration. It’s not loaded as it has a ; (semicolon) before it, which is equivalent to the # in every other sane config file. Trust php to be different …

memphis% cat php.ini | grep php_sockets.dll ;extension=php_sockets.dll memphis% Hope this helps.

  • wil

i ran a bunch of scripts to check whether php had sockets enabled but all came back nagative.

Php Socket programming allows me to open up a ephemeral port on the server to send data continuesly back and fought, this enables flash to do alot of neat things. I think this supposedly drains resources even through my research tells me its not much of an impact.

a socket server is ran on the server and is always running. it can be programmed in many languages including php. it lisents for connections through a specfic port (1024-5000) and processes the infomation and sends it back. Used primarily for multiplayer games (1 person broad casts data to all) thats what its all about.

So do you think dream host allows this kinda thing?
I have found a VPS host that supports this and if dream host cant i have to change hosts… and please, i dont wana leave!..
Is there a way i can pay an affordable price to enable sockets in php? pleeease dont make me leave…

EDIT*: I was looking through the forums and came across this message from Jeff a few years back

Thats what im actually doing, since theres only one way of using sockets, i suspect theres still hope.

I would imagine this would be more than plausible on a dedicated server ( but you’re asking a bit much out of a shared host. Remember, you’re opening up that port for everyone else on the server, not only you too.

This isn’t an official response to your reuqest, and feel free to contact support and ask for this, but I fear that the same answer will be given. You can however upgrade your plan fairly easily to the Dreamservers range.

Hope this helps.

  • wil

yup support said they did’nt have sockets… i found a VPS host that supports sockets, and i guss i have to move… man and i thought i would be here for the rest of my computer days… dreamhost will always be #1.

signing out

Why not upgrade to a dedicated server? :slight_smile:

  • wil

nah… its to expensive. anyway i’ve signed up for a new host and have send my request for my account to be terminated… i’ll miss you guys.