Expected controller error?

This is Ruby on Rails, btw… forgot this was not a RoR specific forum…

I think this may have stemmed from the Dreamhost Wiki on installing gems. I followed to the letter, but am now dead in the water…

My log looks like this:

LoadError (Expected …/config/…/app/controllers/cek_controller.rb to define CekController):

…and when I try running console from the server, I get this:

./script/…/config/boot.rb:16:in require': no such file to load -- script/../config/../vendor/rails/railties/lib/initializer (LoadError) from ./script/../config/boot.rb:16 from script/console:2:inrequire’
from script/console:2

Looks like I’m missing the railties folder from /vendor/rails/…

I am running in production off of Dreamhost… any ideas?


i got the same load error message for one of my controllers after installing my own gems (0.9.2) coincidentally on 8/1 as well. would love to know if you figured this one out.

I gave up on it…
I just backed up the necessities, recreated the app, and uploaded everything back.

Works like a charm now… good luck.

i fixed my problem by installing the needed gems in vendor/plugins because even though i had set up my gem path, etc in my bashrc and bash_profile, my rails app wasn’t using those startup files. i even tried setting my ENV for my gem path in my environment.rb and that didn’t work either.