Expanding my site with new domain

Hi all, I’m in the process of doing a major overhaul of my site. In it, I also want to change the name.

So all my files and domain name is hosted by DreamHost.
Now I want to slowly migrate to the new site and it will be running forums and perhaps Wordpress.

What must I do?
Also worried that the stuff saved on my old site will remain the same address permanently.

Lets say I have a jpg at www.oldsite.com/pic/coolpic1.jpg
and now I registered www.newsite.com
where would I point that pic file if I wanted to reference it? Do I have to keep both oldsite and newsite forever?


One option is to create something like archive.newsite.com.

Do all of this for your existing FTP user (so it’s in your current FTP directory):

  1. Create Fully Hosted Domain for newsite.com
  2. Create Fully Hosted Domain for archive.newsite.com
  3. FTP in and rename archive.newsite.com to save.newsite.com
  4. Rename oldsite.com to archive.newsite.com
  5. In the panel, change Hosting for oldsite.com to be a Redirect to archive.newsite.com (if you want the old site to continue to live in some form). Once registration expires, this will die, but archive.newsite.com will live on.

Make sure that oldsite doesn’t have any links still pointing to oldsite.

Now you can fully set up newsite.com with links to archive.newsite.com/pic/coolpic1.jpg


Wow thanks Scott for such a thorough response, please forgive my newbness but I’m still a little confused.

I want to remain on Dreamhost. Right now when I login to my ftp its ftp://name:pass@www.oldsite.com

I buy a new domain name with Dreamhost: newsite.com
but do I have to buy another hosting plan?

If not, then it seems like all the content on newsite.com will still be hosted on oldsite’s address.

Thanks again

You don’t need a new hosting plan. You can pile on all the domains you want (unlimited) to your existing account.

If you follow the above steps, when you ftp to oldsite.com, you will see the additional two folders in the same directory, like brothers and sisters in the same house.