Expand SSD for shared hosting to all datacenters

It’s been a couple years now since Dreamhost announced SSD but the reality is SSD is only available in the Virginia datacenter. When can we expect SSD in California and Oregon? It seems odd that DH has fragmented its hardware specs like this leaving some customers on slower hardware.

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false advertising on https://www.dreamhost.com/press/dreamhost-brings-solid-state-drives-to-shared-hosting/

No where on Dreamhost website mentions SSD is not available in some datacenters.

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This is why under suggestions I’ve suggested they expand SSD to all data centers as Virginia is supposedly the only data center they have SSD but they randomly decide what datacenter to put customers into.

It is a bit misleading as everyone who signs up will suspect from their marketing and previous announcement that they have SSD for all shared hosting but the reality is they don’t. Even worse is my understanding that some data centers have varying server specs where some hardware has higher CPU and Memory specs so they don’t apparently have any uniformity to the shared hosting hardware for customers.

It would be nice if they also slightly increased the resources available to each shared customer their memory cap for customer processes is barely able to handle a modern Wordpress theme with the most popular plugins which means if you get shared hosting for WordPress they will constantly throttle and try to upsell to DreamPress.

A few things need clarification on this topic. The most important thing I want to say is that if your site/application is running slow, you can ask DreamHost support engineers to try and move your account to a different server. This doesn’t cost anything and may solve your troubles. Check on the control panel which datacenter hosts your accounts.

That said, there are plans to keep on renewing shared hosting hardware, even if those plans are not public. Hardware in the datacenter is cycled regularly and new clusters are created with customer demand.

In this environment, fragmented hardware specs is very common. DreamHost has been growing and serving increasing amount of customers for 20 years: hardware expansions are planned at different points in time, every time by teams with more experience that leads often to making changes. The result is new datacenters, old datacenters, hardware of different generations, etc.

You need to keep into consideration the size of each datacenter and the amount of shared hosting customers on each one. If you only look at the list you miss important details.

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How can I find which data center is hosting my site and whether that server is using SSD?

Under Account and Datacenter and unless you are in the Virginia DC they don’t have SSD at their California and Oregon Datacenters.

I also expect SSD for cheaper dedicated, as until now only the most expensive offers SSD…

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I see no Data Center info at all, not under Account, or anywhere else, at least not on mobile.

It’s under Support > Data Centers

Thanks habili, I found the info. Seems my 3 sites are hosted at the Virginia DC so they are using SSD.

Good news… Now if we can only get the Shared Servers upgraded to support HTTP/2 !

You are just hijacking the topic. Why not take down pages claiming Dreamhost uses SSD for shared hosting instead of making lame excuses? It is not customer’s job to solve your capacity planning issue.

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Currently only one datacenter has SSD please expand to all datacenters its been over a year now since SSD was supposed to be offered as the default yet only some customers benefit from SSD.

I thought all websites hosted at Dreamhost were now using SSD. That’s what the advertising says.

The banner I’m using for the affiliate program to get new customers for DH says “Now with SSDs - 200% Faster”

If this is not a true statement, I need to remove it from my pages ASAP.

They have SSD available but unless they put our account on a server in Virginia you may not have SAD as only Virginia datacenter has SSD and their account generation process randomly picks a datacenter based on capacity.

Looking for that info.

I remember getting an email saying my site was now on SSD but when I use my Server (tiller) IP address look-up it reports the location is Brea.

So what’s the truth?

Some of the above posts became out of sequence when the two threads were merged so they aren’t making sense. Too bad there aren’t time stamps displayed to help with that.

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Hello folks, I understand your concerns and I want to shed some more light on how DreamHost uses SSDs for shared hosting customers.

All new customers who sign up for shared hosting plans or VPS plans are placed on SSDs and have been for quite some time. We continue to actively expand our SSD deployment across our datacenters.

Older customers on legacy hardware will be migrated to new servers with SSDs as their current machines are phased out over time. The timeline for this migration isn’t quite set in stone, but we’re making good progress.

Also, it’s possible for existing customers to have accounts migrated to a new server with SSD or even to a different datacenter if their site has performance issues. Simply reach out to our support team to explore your options.

Thanks for your feedback - the performance of your websites is a top priority for us!

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“We continue to actively expand our SSD deployment across our datacenters.”

What other datacenters has it been expanded to? According to support SSD is only in Virginia which seems to contradict any expansion to other datacenters meanwhile three years later.

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Since early January, Portland datacenter has SSD-enabled machines, too.

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