Existing usernames?

I’ve been running into the “The username you picked is already being used” error message when adding users.

Since the usernames I’ve picked are certainly not being used by me, does this mean that usernames are defined per-machine or whatever, rather than per-account? Or is this a glitch?

If not a glitch, I guess I’d suggest adding this fact to the Knowledge Base; otherwise there’s not really any reason to assume that usernames we can’t and never will see aren’t available.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m having this same problem now. Was it ever resolved? What causes it? I only have 1 user (2 counting the FTP user), but I can’t add the username “michael”.

It’s per machine, so if you pick something common, there’s a good chance that it will be taken.

A good trick that I’ve used in the past is to prefix your usernames with your account name. For example, I’ve used fba_rhys, fba_wil etc. for mysql usernames previously due to this ‘problem’/limitation.

Hope this helps.

  • wil

Thanks guys,

It kinda sucks, because I added a username, “mtaylor”, but then I decided to change it to “michael”. To do that I stupidly deleated the original user then tried adding “michael” but I got the already taken message and now, I can’t re-add the original user (mtaylor). I’m going to try and wait, because maybe the machine just hasn’t released the username yet. I’ll try re-adding the original user later.


In general, deleting stuff outright will often not work as you’d expect… true, our system could work a little better in this regard… but I’d generally avoid deleting stuff. If you want mtaylor back, write support and they can probably delete it for real so that you can re-add it. Be kind to them though - with the recent promotion, support is really busy today.

michael won’t work since (for one thing) michael is one of the owners of the company, although he doesn’t seem to have a user on that particular group of machines :>

In regard to the previous comment, usernames aren’t unique per machine; they’re unique per “cluster”, which is just an internal logical grouping of machines. Each cluster has its own namespace.

Lucky I’m wil and not will. :slight_smile:

  • wil

Thanks, I’ll email support when I get back from class. But, I could probably learn to live with “mrt”. I like it, but it just seems too short.

Your guys’ support is amazing. They must be super-human, because they are taking great care of me with another support issue during the whole post-promotion thing. I got a call last night at 1:30 in the morning (I was awake, I’m a student after all), just 15 minutes after I emailed them with my problem. I wasn’t expecting a call until the next morning at the very least. So when I got that call last night I realized that DH support is the best support I’ve ever delt with. Since then they’ve been in contact with me AND my ISP locating the problem. It turns out the problem is with my ISP, too. So, congrats to DH support.