Existing Jabber server Migration

Hello Dreamhost and fans…
I’ve been running a jabber server for several years now and have gathered quite a number of users.

Here’s my server specs:
JabberD2 2.1.7 w/ MySQL Store
PyAIM-t 0.8a w/ XMLfile store
PyICQ-t 0.8a w/ XML file store
PyMSN 0.11.2 w/ Default spool store
PyYIM 0.3 w/ DBM spool store
and mu-conference ( by far, the least used )

I’ve moved all of my hosting over to Dreamhost from my own server due to my upcomming relocation. My big question is this. Is there a way to migrate all my existing Jabber users and their associated data to Dreamhost? I’m currently running things on a VPS solution, but would rather not use that for my jabber service since I have access to one here at Dreamhost.


I don’t think many of us on the forums use Jabber - especially as hardcore as you seem to. You might want to contact support and see if they have comments.

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