eXist XML Database - installed but can't start

Does anyone here have experience with installing eXist?
I’m hoping that this can be done with a shared plan and not require a virtual private server…

I installed it, but on startup get the following error:

Yikes! One of your processes (java, pid 24076) was just killed because your processes are, as a whole, consuming too much memory. If you believe you’ve received this message in error, please contact Support.

bin/startup.sh: line 62: 24076 Killed “${JAVA_HOME}”/bin/java ${JAVA_OPTIONS} ${OPTIONS} ${DEBUG_OPTS} -jar “$EXIST_HOME/start.jar” jetty ${JAVA_OPTS[@]}

I really don’t have much experience on the admin side of the server. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think this might mean it’s initially configured to max out at 128MB:

Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)


I don’t know how much room MYSQL takes up…

Many thanks,

You will need a VPS to run that. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply. I’d like to understand why that is. Which maybe is the same as saying how does this kind of db consumes resources differently from the standard mysql db which does not require VPS ? Can anyone explain or point me in the right direction?


MySQL is a special case. Since we know that most of our customers are likely to need MySQL databases, we give customers access to a pool of “shared” MySQL servers. We don’t run a separate MySQL server for each customer, though, nor do we let customers run their own MySQL servers without a VPS.

I see. Thanks.
I’ll do some research then. Maybe the 300MB RAM VPS will do the trick…