Executing script from within php


I’m trying to get a small php script to work with my DH account and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. The script itself works up to the point where i try to use either shell_exec(); or exec(); to start an FTP command.

I’ve tested the FTP command through my ssh access, so at least that much works for sure.

I’ve made a custom php.ini file where I’ve commented out the line which disables the above two commands by default. Is there a higher power at work restricting PHP’s access to shell_exec() or exec()? I can setup the FTP command to run as a cron, but I’d prefer to have it user triggered if possible.

If such access is blocked, is there another method I might consider? Any thoughts?

Use a library. The DreamHost PHP installs are built with cURL.

Client URL Library (PHP Documentation)

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