Excite.com e-mail bounce 544: blocking DH based on smtp server IP

I’ve just started getting the following SMTP bounce from e-mail sent to a friend on Excite.com:

<xxxxxxxxxxx@excite.com>: host xmxpita.excite.com[] said: 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using dynablock.excite.com; Your message could not be delivered due to complaints we received regarding the IP address you're using or your ISP. See http://blackholes.excite.com/ Error: WS-02The web page they refer to essentially makes clear that they’re refusing mail from DH’s mail server spatula.dreamhost.com based on complaints. They’ve put DH on their own ugly little black-hole list. Not good.

Yes, I’ve sent off requests to Excite and DH postmasters to get this resolved ASAP, and expect a resolution to this. This kinda doodoo gives everyone a bad rep,… the bouncers for “not letting the mail go through,” and blacklisting domain hosts for sometimes very spurious reasons,… and the blacklisted domain host, for having to deal with a) being blacklisted (at times without even being contacted or given an opportunity to resolve the root cause), and getting un-blacklisted (usually harder getting OFF the blacklist than getting on), and b) support problems dealing with folks like me who don’t like their mail being bounced 'cause our virtual mail servers are blocked by someone out there, even when it’s lamers like Excite or AOL.

No, this isn’t a misrouted support request. (But I welcome any feedback from a DH admin.) I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem with other ISPs or mail providers blacklisting our SMTP servers here at BH. TIA…