Exchanging temporary domain for primary domain

Hi, the person who created a new website for me created it via the domain “www.myname.com/new”. However, not I am trying to make the new website the primary website. How do I change the new website domain, “www.myname.com/new” to my primary domain, “www.myname.com”, thus archiving the old version of “www.myname.com” and replacing it with the new?

Thanks for any and all help! I’m new to this website creation thing.

What’s your domain?

If it’s a WordPress site, you can refer to this article for help: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

For a non-WordPress site, if all your links are hardcoded to use mysite.com/new/whateverpage.php for example, you will need to go and edit all the links in your code to take out the /new part. Once that part is ready and all the parts of your site knows to use mysite.com/page.php rather than mysite.com/new/page.php (for example), you could go one of two ways:

Use an FTP client to drag /new outside of /mysite.com, and then change the names.
OR, click “Edit” for the domain in our panel, and in the Fully Hosted settings, change the site directory to be mysite.com/new

That second option would simply tell the domain to look straight at that /new sub-dir for the main site content. Anything in any directory above it will be ignored, except for any .htaccess files because those work recursively.