Examples of low hassle scripting workflows which include an IDE for DH shared account

I’m looking for suggestions on ways to script on a Dreamhost shared account in which every project doesn’t involve pulling teeth and going against the flow.

I’m not interested in using a simple text editor due to my memory. I want to write and run simple scripts in a way that’s as easy, sleek, straightforward as possible, using an IDE.

I’ve posted a similar question twice recently but they don’t show up in my list of threads.

By “scripts” do you mean website creating software that has an easy editing interface?

Scripts are programs (or program-like sets of instructions; some people don’t consider scripting languages to be programming languages) written in scripting languages such as python.

Dreamhost’s feature list shows what scripting languages it claims to support.

[quote]PHP5 Support check
Perl Support check
Python Support check
Ruby On Rails check[/quote]

Some free (has to be free, in my case) IDEs for scripting include NetBeans and Eclipse.

Here’s an article on IDEs in case you’re wondering what I mean by that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_development_environment

It kind of depends on which languages you plan to use. Some IDEs have poor support for some languages (NetBeans and Perl, for example, are not good friends).

Here are the languages Dreamhost says it supports, as shown above:

PHP5, Perl, Python, Ruby On Rails.

Combinations that do work well would be more efficiently useful than combinations that don’t work well.

Does Netbeans and PHP5 on Dreamhost work well, with low hassle, not pulling teeth to get it to set up and or to use?

Does Netbeans and Python on Dreamhost work well, with low hassle, not pulling teeth to get it to set up and or to use?

Does Netbeans and PHP5 on Dreamhost work well, with low hassle, not pulling teeth to get it to set up and or to use?

The same questions could be asked for each fee IDE.

Scripting often involves the use of libraries or modules. Libraries or modules that work with minimum hassle would also be useful to know.

Here’s some Python modules:
Graphical interface wxPython http://wxpython.org
Graphical interface pyGtk http://www.pygtk.org
Graphical interface pyQT http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/pyqt/
Graphical interface Pmw http://pmw.sourceforge.net/
Graphical interface Tkinter 3000 http://effbot.org/zone/wck.htm
Graphical interface Tix http://tix.sourceforge.net/

Database MySQLdb http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python
Database PyGreSQL http://www.pygresql.org/
Database Gadfly http://gadfly.sourceforge.net/
Database SQLAlchemy http://www.sqlalchemy.org/
Database psycopg http://www.initd.org/pub/software/psycopg/
Database kinterbasdb http://kinterbasdb.sourceforge.net/
Database cx_Oracle http://www.cxtools.net/default.aspx?nav=downloads
Database pySQLite http://initd.org/tracker/pysqlite

MSN Messenger msnlib http://auriga.wearlab.de/~alb/msnlib/
MSN Messenger pymsn http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/Pymsn
MSN Messenger msnp http://msnp.sourceforge.net/
Network Twisted http://twistedmatrix.com/
Images PIL http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/
Images gdmodule http://newcenturycomputers.net/projects/gdmodule.html
Images VideoCapture http://videocapture.sourceforge.net/

Sciences and Maths scipy http://www.scipy.org/
Sciences and Maths NumPy http://numpy.scipy.org//
Sciences and Maths numarray http://www.stsci.edu/resources/software_hardware/numarray
Sciences and Maths matplotlib http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/

Games Pygame http://www.pygame.org/news.html
Games Pyglet http://www.pyglet.org/
Games PySoy http://www.pysoy.org/
Games pyOpenGL http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/

Jabber jabberpy http://jabberpy.sourceforge.net/

Web scrape http://zesty.ca/python/scrape.html
Web Beautiful Soup http://crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup
Web pythonweb http://www.pythonweb.org/
Web mechanize http://wwwsearch.sourceforge.net/mechanize/

Localisation geoname.py http://www.zindep.com/blog-zindep/Geoname-python/

Serial port pySerial http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/
Serial port USPP http://ibarona.googlepages.com/uspp

Parallel Port pyParallel http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/pyparallel.html

USB Port pyUSB http://bleyer.org/pyusb/

Windows ctypes http://starship.python.net/crew/theller/ctypes/
Windows pywin32 http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/
Windows pywinauto http://www.openqa.org/pywinauto/
Windows pyrtf http://pyrtf.sourceforge.net/
Windows wmi http://timgolden.me.uk/python/wmi.html

PDA/GSM/Mobiles pymo http://www.awaretek.com/pymo.html
PDA/GSM/Mobiles pyS60 http://sourceforge.net/projects/pys60

Sound pySoundic http://pysonic.sourceforge.net/
Sound pyMedia http://pymedia.org/
Sound FMOD http://www.fmod.org/
Sound pyMIDI http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/assist/developer.shtml

GMail libgmail http://libgmail.sourceforge.net/
Google pyGoogle http://pygoogle.sourceforge.net/
Expect pyExpect http://pexpect.sourceforge.net/
WordNet pyWordNet http://osteele.com/projects/pywordnet/
Command line cmd http://blog.doughellmann.com/2008/05/pymotw-cmd.html
Compiler backend llvm-py http://mdevan.nfshost.com/llvm-py/
3D VPython http://vpython.org

Some of those likely work better with the Dreamhost system and the version of Python that Dreamhost supports than others do.

Similar modules would exist for the other languages.

Of the languages you’ve mentioned, Python is fairly strict and PHP is extremely loose. The others probably fall somewhere in between. PHP would be without doubt the most popular for web facing applications (and the easiest to learn). Perl and Python are more powerful and have a steeper learning curve.

DreamHost servers support more languages, although they don’t tend to advertise them as much as those you’ve mentioned. I suppose because languages such as C, JAVA, or even bash scripting are not very “mainstream” where webmasters are concerned.

If you’re looking for votes on IDEs from those you’ve listed, I’d suggest giving Eclipse Classic a try. It has an intuitive interface and handles the scripting languages you’ve mentioned really well - especially considering the price tag of zero dollars.