Example.tld to www.example.tld

How can you get requests for example.tld to go to www.example.tld?

The control panel has a button for the reverse. I can’t find the button for what I want. Did I miss it? Is something wrong with it?

Look again under DreamHost Web Panel > Domains > Manage Domains:

How do you like the www in your URL?

o Both http://www.domain.com/ and http://domain.com/ work.
o Add “www.” if somebody goes to http://domain.com/
o Remove “www.” if somebody goes to http://www.domain.com/

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Thanks! Sorry, I should read more careful.

Is one better? Just flip a coin? Heh, roll a dice.

I vote for either stripping or adding.

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I go with Add. I know there’s an anti-www. movement with some sound reasoning, but www is so ingrained that I go with adding it.


I vote for stripping. There should be no reason to identify the type of server in the URL. Hardly anyone has to do this, for example:


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The @ clearly shows it’s an email address. I agree that “www” is unnecessary, but so many people insist on tacking “www” on a web URL that they get confused if it’s not there. I’d say “Go to gallery.mydomain.com” and they insist on putting “www” on the front.

One place to that’s putting up the fight (as of 2005, though) is http://www.no-www.org Ok, fine. It’s really http://no-www.org, but either will work. They strip off the “www,” too.


Just recently I came across a website from a big IT company over here in Germany and the site requires to add the www., if it’s not there the webserver doesn’t respond. A shame.


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I’ve run across DNS issues where domain.com is the A record for a machine, but if it’s not a webserver, it won’t respond to HTTP requests and the user will have to prepend “www” in order to go to the correct machine.


For a long time, you could only get to NASA’s website by making sure the www was there. I wrote and complained a bunch of times, and now they do a redirect.

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