Example.com is already in our system


I have a domain puchased over godaddy and its NOT hosted there yet since I’m planning to connect it with dreamhost. So now here is the problem arise…

yesterday, I was trying to get it hosted on your server(registering for a host) and when I tried to put in our domain that I bought from godaddy, it says the example.com is already in your system. I mean what’s going on? How do we exactly buy a host from you guys and get example.com be hosted on your server? Again, I’m NOT transferring my domain here just want dreamhost to host it for me, just want to make it clear.


You need to open a support ticket via the panel. The issue is that someone has hosted that domain at dreamhost before and it’s still in the database (this happens even if it’s no longer hosted at dreamhost but was previously, or if someone began to set it up here and never hosted it here). Anyway support can sort it out for you. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&


We bought it via godaddy not from an auction/other domain provider, just fyi. So it mean, Surely, we’re not the old owners IF it was used by others. So it would mean that this can’t be resolve hence we’re NOT the old owners?


Just open a ticket. The nameservers of that domain are not currently pointing to dreamhost, support will be able to quickly clear this issue up for you. Repeat: the issue is that someone has previously added this domain name to their account at dreamhost, only support can fix this for you.


Thanks LakeRat. Will process a ticket now.
I just called godaddy as my domain provider told me that you guys supposed to provide us with DNS. But how can we get to the DNS part when I end up on the page where I was stuck -> “That Domain is already in our system”. Where do I file a ticket? cozIm basically stuck here - https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& (signup area)


You are dealing with two different issues, don’t mix them.

To change DNS for your domain to dreamhost, you must log at godaddy’s and change the domain’s nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com

Example.com is already in our system” is unrelated and is caused by someone else hosting or attempting to host the domain at dreamhost prior to now on a different account.


thank god I know what I have done and I was totally wrong. I signup inadvertently had my AUTOFILL form active and my personal email got pasted. Now I can login to the cpnel but I want a REDO and use the right info. filed a ticket and hope I can hear from you guys asap so I can start using it…[hr]
lol found the cancel subscription and clicked it. returns back = “Error communicating with server!” did that couple of times… maintenance?


Anyone?? any advise what to do on this paticular situation??? badly want to end this misery… clicked cancel account on cpnel got “Error Communication with Server”. is there any other way to cancel this out? shall i edit my credit info and enter a wrong one just to cancel things out??? I want this to be done fast so I can move on to my next project!


To get the domain hosted you need to follow LakeRat’s initial advice.

What are you trying to cancel ?


just want to update. Its been canceled yesterday since the first time I logged in I used my dummy email instead of the official email, plus the coupon didn’t get through. anyway its all solved… but i have another problem again will post a new thread.