Exactly what's going on

after 2 independent recommendations to switch to DH, i did in Jan. there have been a handful of major outages. there has been little in the way of explanation. at what point is enough is enough? i’m not trying to flame, but i left clumsy expensive netsol for this? i plan to stay about a month more, and then if it’s still the same lame service i will switch somewhere else, and demand a refund. any thoughts out there?

have you read the announcements tab https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.announce& in your webpanel and the general troubleshooting forum here?

They tell you exactly what’s going on.


Sorry to say that, but this is the first time I’m able to access either my sites, DreamHost’s own site, my web control panel or even this forum since yesterday morning! Glad everything is back up. Not a very good Monday to start I must say. (Of course, I was sleeping for the 6 hours.)


A few thoughts:

Most people came to DreamHost because of positive recommendations from people they trust. There is a reason for that. I just read a post from a user that has been with DreamHost for 6 years, and stated that they have been mostly perfect up until about a month ago. In the last month, they have experienced some downtime realted to various issues. Unfortunately, yesterday’s outage was pretty horrific and will leave a lot of customers scarred and angry.

Personally, I have been with several other hosting providers, and DreamHost is by far the best, with the exception of yesterday (which was caused by a DDOS attack on a customer’s web site, bringing everything down).

I have faith that they will resolve these problems soon. I do not work for them; I am just a customer. I know that it can be particularly frustrating for a new customer to sign up and then have to deal with the type of outage that happened yesterday. And DreamHost will likely loose some of those new customers. But if you search through the forums for customers who have been around a while, they mostly say “DreamHost has been great until these recent events…”

I’ve been with them a year, and I’m giving them another chance. They couldn’t help the DDOS, but what they can help is how they react to it in the future. They will be releasing a detailed report of what happened and what their future actions will be to resolve this type of problem in the future. I say everyone at least read that report before you leave DreamHost. And don’t assume that you will wind up with a better host if you do decide to leave.

Thank you

Does anyone know if DreamHost was recently sold, under new management or lost some of its good/main employees?

The last post really makes me feel warm and nice and I want to believe all will be good, but they have been having major problems for the past 5 weeks not 2 as mentioned in one of the announcements. I also have a problem that they did not see this coming, most hosting companies monitor for this type of attack - Its not a new concept.

We haven’t been sold, and we’re not under new management. We haven’t lost any employees recently (we’ve gained a couple).

There have been a lot of problems recently (not necessarily related to each other), and we’re working to resolve them. In terms of seeing it coming, the attack knocked down our main router really quickly, and put it into a semi-functional state. A lot of our normal monitoring tools were unusable because of the network problems, so it did take longer than it should have to identify the problem. We really have been planning an upgrade for quite some time (well before the recent problems), and it’s going to happen on a fairly short timeframe.

All right, all right… new management.

Getting me back for the “viruses” comment? :>

[quote]We haven’t been sold, and we’re not under management. We haven’t lost any employees recently (we’ve gained a couple).


No wonder nobody leaves. I look forward to moving over to LA and working full time with you guys ASAP. LOL!


It’s funny – I just switched to Dreamhost a week ago after dealing with a horrible, disreputable host. Yesterday I was thinking, “It’s just my luck…” but after I got several annoucements through e-mail and an answer from tech support despite how overworked they were, I decided I was pretty lucky. I don’t run a business so perhaps it’s not as important to me, but I’m not sure if this sort of thing doesn’t happen to every company every once in a while. At my old host, I would be lucky if I got a response at all.

I am not psychic…so I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. But I will stick by DH. ddos attacks have happened to the biggies. and DH was up relatively FFFAAASSSTTT in my book. when (a really big company) was attacked, I was down for days.


ROFL :cool:
Been a while since I read those storries, they still make me laugh