Exactly how does one install Squirrelmail?

Hey all,

I’ve given up trying to use Atmail. It’s so bug-riddled and horrid to use that I now send emails on my phone. Which isn’t fun when you have hands the size of baseball mitts.

I wanted functional webmail for a reason - so I can have the same email client on any machine - and I intend to get it, irrespective of this disasterware foisted on me by Dreamhost.

So I went to install Squirrelmail and… the Dreamhost support page for installing your own Squirrelmail is gone. It’s still the #1 result on Google for my search of “install squirrelmail dreamhost”, but I get an “oops, you’re not authorised to to access this page”. This is after I signed up to support and after Dreamhost support staff suggested I do this very thing. Really, guys? Remove the page that explains how to replace your default software?

I’m not a real admin, I like using one-click installs or following howtos. Anyone got any suggestions on how I get rid of Atmail, install Squirrelmail in its place and not lose the ten years of email I have sitting there in the process? I’d be very grateful. I’ll post a cute little gif, or something.

Can you use the control panel to create databases and database users?

Do you have an FTP client and know how to use it?

If so, you can probably do this with a bit of trial and error using the method (3.3) posted here:


Keep in mind that your ‘data’ and ‘attachment’ directories will need to be above your web root.

Take a look at that part of the page and when you get stuck, ask us a question.

I don’t know that you’ll be able to get rid of Atmail; you’ll just have to use SquirrelMail instead of Atmail.