Exact Price on PromoCodes

I have been trying to setup an account with DH for over two weeks now. Everytime I sign up, my PromoCode is accepted and I am told that I own $0.00.

Then I wait for the account to be approved. Which never happens.

This has happened twice. The first time, DH Support told me to create a new account, that the PromoCode had been lost. So I did that. Same thing happened with the new account.

Now DH Support is telling me that the problem is that the inital setup fees and first month for my plan only came to $69.90 (true, I am tring to get the special on the Code Monster plan) but that my PromoCode discounts too much. They say I need to contact the affiliate who created the original code and ask for one that only discounts $69.90.

I’m not asking for free money here. I just want the PromoCode to apply to the inital fee like the account creation program stated. Has anyone else ever had to jump through these kinds of hoops just to setup their account? What is up with needing a PromoCode of a specific value, is it that hard to calculate the difference?

Use the “69DOT9USD” promo code

Get [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] Off with promo code :[color=#6600CC]97USD[/color] :cool: use “moua” as referrer

No, that doen’t make any sense. The max allowed promo is $97. So there’s no rason you shouldn’t be able to use on at that or less. I would sigguest you either contact the person who gave you the origional promo (instead of the myriad of people who will post their promo codes for you here) and ask that they make a new code for you - perhaps something went wonky when it was created.

If that’s not working out for you, be a little more ‘firm’ with support. Ask them to fix the promo code, or manually put it through the system. Perhaps you’ve gotten one of the new support personel and they don’t know how to work with the promo system - if you’re getting replies from the same person you might ask that they have someone else look into the problem.


That’s odd. When you make the code, it gives you a max discount for each plan/payment combo. It is true that you cannot save the full amount on all plans. Some are only $50, $60, or $80 – but none of them are $69.90. I’m guessing the person you talked to in support isn’t up to speed on the codes.

Here’s the exact savings for my promo code, directly from my control panel:


As you can see, the max for what you want is only $60, which still isn’t bad. The above code gives the max discount on everything except for the $97 deals, where I get to keep a whopping $1. Woo hoo!

L1 = Crazy Domain Insane, L2 = Sweet Dreams, L3 = Code Monster and L4 = Strictly Business.

Plan/Payment – Your cost w/o Discount – Max Discount – Your Discount

Monthly L1 $59.90 $50.00 $50.00

Yearly L1 $119.40 $97.00 $96.00

Two years L1 $190.80 $97.00 $96.00

Monthly L2 $69.90 $60.00 $60.00

Yearly L2 $239.40 $97.00 $96.00

Two years L2 $382.80 $97.00 $96.00

Monthly L3 $89.90 $80.00 $80.00

Yearly L3 $479.40 $97.00 $96.00

Two years L3 $766.80 $97.00 $96.00

Sale Info: While L3 is at L2’s price, L2’s discount will be used for L3.

Monthly L4 $129.90 $97.00 $96.00

Yearly L4 $959.40 $97.00 $96.00

Two years L4 $1534.80 $97.00 $96.00

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