Everything slow?



I was just wondering how many other people are experiencing overall very slowness. My site now takes more than 1 minute to load a page. The SFTP/SSH has slowed down considerably too…

I’m considering submitting a ticket to support and see what is going on. I mean, 10 seconds is passable, but 1 minute??


I’ve found it incredibly slow ever since I signed up on the 15th. My site is bare-bones right now with no traffic, and it still crawls.

My ticket to support came back with “There are no performance enhancements available on your shared hosting plan. You would need to upgrade to a dedicated server to see a performance boost.”

I’m currently looking for another hosting company.


I have about 100 sites hosted at dreamhost (although not all run php and mysql) but those that do are running pretty fast. It more likely isn’t system wide but probably the server you are on. If it’s the same server for all that are slow, then dreamhost needs to find out why that server is bad, or put you on another server.


What server are you on? I’m on the paramount server and suffer the same issues you describe.


I’m on Avalon and I had been experiencing some slow-down…

I had a few PHP documents that were executing in less than 0.09 seconds and loading in less than 0.3 seconds on one day and then the next it went to 0.1 seconds and 1-3 seconds, respectively.

Not a huge difference, but still a difference without a change in files, data, and traffic.

I can’t even access my site right now, though.


I’m on mariposa.dreamhost.com. Seems like the Web control panel has slowed down too (it was ok a few hours ago, but now it seems stuck). I’m trying to find another host too, but the bastardly thing is that I can’t even backup my site because the SFTP is so goddamned slow.

Edit: Weird thing is that right after I posted the SFTP seems to have started working. The site is somewhat faster too, now loading a page in 10-15 seconds (still slow but MUCH better than 1 minute). Maybe someone else on the server was killing the bw?

Edit again: Apparently my celebration was premature. SFTP works but at the incredibly fast speed of 40kb/s (my dl max is 300kb/s).


Im on ‘holt’ and mysql server ‘sebastian’ and have been having loading times of 10+ seconds. Please send in a ticket if you are having the problem so they KNOW its a problem. They tried to tell me there was no support tickets about it, and my site was fine even with 10+ second load times. Even tried to say google ads might be making it slow. hehe yea right.


I’ll try. The last response I got from their support was less than friendly though.


I just started with DHost. Can someone please tell me how to find out which server I’m on because it’s been verrrrry slow for me today too.


Read your email you get when your account is signed up. Seriously, you get a TON of information from Dreamhost when you activate your account. :slight_smile:

If you connect to your server via SSH, you’ll also see the server name after you log in.

Lankershim is my host - most of the day it’s had an average load of >20, sometimes as high as 30. This is insane.

I’m glad to see it now running at 4.9… but seriously, it was thrashed last night, and again today. :frowning:


Got another reply, said they have looked into it, and it seems there is a server being put under high load. And the techs are on it. hopefully that is the problem and will be fixed soon.


Yeah, everything is so damn slow. I noticed it started when dreamhost started to offer 1TB bandwith and 20GB diskspace. I am on baseline.dreamhost.com


Yep, my server is paramount and it seems to be very slow as well. Currently, my website take approximately 5-10 seconds to load per page. >:[


I’m on ‘Bixel’ and my sites seem to be pretty fast at the moment.

However, the Web Panel performance has been woeful the last few days. Sometimes it works fine, other times certain sections just time out.

As I’ve said in other threads, the problems do seem to be related to the recent influx of new users. Lets hope DreamHost can get the problems sorted without too much more delay.


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My sites have been virtually unusable over the past several days. All of them are running WordPress. After contacting Tech Support I was instructed to upgrade verything to WP 2.01. Apparently there are security issues with versions 1.5 and 2.0 that are allowing spammers to send mass amounts of email through the DH servers.

I was also informed that because of this problem PHP email had been turned off for my account.

It sure would have been nice for someone to notify me that this was the case.

At any rate, I’ve upgraded all of my WP installs and I’m hoping the speed situation will improve (although it hasn’t yet).


The panel is going extremely slow, and my subdomains that were supposed to be up in “no more than 2 hours” have gone on 4 hours now.

Likewise, my MySQL database which is supposed to work in 5 - 10 minutes still isn’t up after an hour and a half…

sigh Not a great first couple of days on a new host. You get what you pay for, I suppose.


I agree with everyone on the slowness of the panel, atm the panel is a chore to use.

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I’ve also been experiencing slowdowns on all my sites. I have 2 Wordpress sites and a vBulletin forum on the garland server. Hopefully they do something about this soon because I just launched a new site.


I have same issues, checked my CPU time and I’m not even close to the limit. Page load times are very slow, transferring files I don’t get much more then 80k up or down. This was happening yesterday and the day before as well. It least my 97 day money back thing isn’t up yet cause if this keeps up for much longer I’m switching providers. I’d also recommend that the referrals I’ve sent to dreamhost do the same thing.

Hopefully they can figure out the issue, I was also able to check transfer speeds from multiple DH hosts (jalapa and compton) – both are slow


I believe they already know what the issue is, and that is blatant overselling and overloading of their servers.

I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to improve this without doubling (or more) their server fleet, but something tells me they have no plans to do that.

I do, however, wish the issue is a more localized issue regarding only a few of the servers and that it is resolved soon.