Everything seems to've migrated, but a new user has gone on to the old server

We’ve been migrated from one server (serverA) to a new one (serverB). We use FTP a lot and have a number of different usernames for different clients. These point to a subdomain on our website - ftp.nomagnolia.tv - which is now pointing at serverB.dreamhost.com, so we can send people a link like


to access files.

However… I created a new user this morning and it seems to have gone back to serverA, so the ftp.nomagnolia.tv link doesn’t work. The only thing that does is ftp://serverA.dreamhost.com/… any way of migrating this to serverB to keep it all neat?


Submit a Support ticket. They may just say that it takes a day for everything to catch up and you’ll have to re-add that user again so they end up on the new server. I’m thinking that the panel just hasn’t been fully updated with your account information yet.