Everything on Draco webserver is inaccessible - support messages don't reflect this


I look after a website on Draco.

It has been inaccessible for 24 hours. Requests time out.

What’s really frustrating is:

[]Draco users have a message at the top of their Panel saying there was a failure, but “all apache services are running and websites should be loading”
]They say “the data on the backup server will be mounted directly over NFS to allow your hosting services to remain online”
[]They say they’re closely monitoring the server and the restore from backups is going fine
]There’s been no mention of this at all on dreamhoststatus.com
[*]For a while, the server was up but had the holding page “this new Dreamhost customer hasn’t set up their website yet” and all other urls except the root level gave a 404

So … does Dreamhost not KNOW that the server has been down and the website inaccessible, and that the backup hasn’t worked?

Why would they give us messages saying everything is fine when customers can see that it isn’t? It’s very frustrating. And putting it into “new customer” mode makes it look like it’s our fault.


A quick follow-up. The site is now working.

Dreamhost have replied to our support messages to say they can’t be sure the backup was current, or that the restore process was fully successful, and we should check the entire site for missing or outdated files.

All support messages throughout this process, either by email or on the Panel, seem to have been sent from some alternative universe where our website was fine, but experiencing brief periods of inaccessibility or slowness.

In real life, the site was completely and totally unavailable for 48 hours.

If DreamHost messages had reflected reality, this would have been annoying enough, but the difference between what they were telling customers and the truth made it incredibly frustrating.