Everything is on DH but i just want to host my site on another host, keep gmail here

Domain - registered with DH, using DH DNS
Email - Gmail Apps at DH
Hosting - currently DH want to point domain to another host.

Should be able to just click on DNS only and then point the A record to the new host and keep gmail and the domain registered here at DH no?

All that happens is i get that bad_http configuration error.

and even after switching it back to original settings, mail.mydomain.com gives me a 404 not found error…

UGH!!! i just wanted to switch to a more secure host and stop the PHP injection attacks on my wordpress site.

keep in mind that DNS changes take around 4-8 hours typically for propagation. (it can run longer).

Make your change, then wait to test. The bad_http_conf error tells me the DNS change has gone thru, but hasn’t reached your local DNS just yet…

in that statement, wouldnt the site still be up just on the “old” dns until it updates to the new one? why does the changing of the a record automatically shut the site down, but i have to wait for it to come back up? and why is mail.mydomain. not working anymore either??? no?

ALSO, when i change the a record i should either edit or delete the existing ones correct? not have two a records with different IP addresses?

and to note, when i changed it back it took about 5 mins to update and i was back up and running on the old IP… i know the whole “wait for dns” but in 12 years of working with websites, dns and hosts… i’ve never had to wait much longer than 10-15 min wondering if there is something deeper… dont want to swap the a record and go to bed only to find the client emailing me constantly all morning LOL
its also not technically propegation, its the expiration of the old record. Propegation only happens on NEW records that never existed before… but thats besides the point… it makes sense that i keep seeing the old site until it updates, but it doesn’t make sense to throw an error unless something is getting lost on the way to the new server… which has the domain added

I guess my biggest concern is… if i stop “full hosting” and swap my A records leaving the MX records the same… and having the domain added at my new host… that’s pretty much the correct process, and its most likely that the mail.mydomain.com error is just a coincidence that it probably wasn’t working to begin with before i started this process… and that the only function of the setting for google apps in DH is to have it auto create the MX records for me instead of having to manually do it because google mail settings are all handled on their end as long as you point to the right ip or url for their service?

if that sounds right and the correct process for DH, which is a new host for me since i never deal with hosts that have a button for “fully hosted” vs custom dns so i don’t know if there is any other thing in the background going on thats throwing that error…then ill gladly go grab food and wait, but i let it sit for 2-3 hours earlier and it threw the error still.

Yes and no. If you were just changing where DNS pointed then you’re correct, the old site would work until the new site took over. The bad_http_conf tells us tho that DNS is still pointing to dreamhost, but that dreamhost has already updated the servers apache config file. Basically it’s saying, “DNS sent you here, but the sites not hosted here”.

Dreamhost sets TTL at 14400, so if the sites currently cached recently at the local level it will be the remainder of that 4 hour cache… not 10-15 min.

ok cool. ill eat and wait then. also… do i need to add a mysql one? what is that even for? i guess instead of local host dream host uses mysql.mydomain.com?
thank you :slight_smile: