How do I configure mail for everyone.net in my account?


Log into the panel, click Mail, Manage Addresses, Create new address. Is that what you’re looking for? if not - please be more re-explain.


EveryOne.net syas:

To offer user@domain.com, the MX record in your DNS file should be set to:

domain.com. IN MX 0 sitemail.everyone.net.

So, my question, is if I need to change MX record to:

“0 sitemail.everyone.net.”


Ahh, you’re wanting to use this service, everyone.net to take care of your E-mail? You do realize that you don’t need this as dreamhost also includes E-mail, yes? (I’m assuming you have hosting with dreamhost)

If you want to use it for stability reasons or whatever, you’ll need to contact support and ask them to edit your DNS to point E-mail over to everyone.net


Yes, I want to use Everyone.net, because, My site is offering the service of FREE Email, using EveryOne.net

I have a host plan here in DreamHost
But, I was using it, only for subdomains, and now I am moving my main domain too

I see that in my DH control panel there exist:
and then

and then there I can edit the records, and it says:
Custom MX Records (Advanced users only… can easily break your email!)

MX Record:

My question, is if I can write in that field:

“0 sitemail.everyone.net"
"10 sitemail.everyone.net


YEs, the older version of DreamHost’s control panel actually allowed you to choose Everyone.net as an option in MX records.

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