Everyone is getting phished by my email account

Some malware or bot has access to my personal email account and is sending out phishing emails as me of the form:

Here is a form you asked

Password for archive: 7777
where “…” is a suspicious link.

It seems all of the emails are going to people I’ve previously sent email to. So this is not a bot taking over my account for spam blasting; these are phishing attacks on people I know, sent as replies to previously sent email.

Now I’m getting replies from those people saying stuff like, “Hey I clicked on the link you sent me but it’s not working, how do I open it.” :grimacing: They think it’s a legit email from me.

I’ve already reported the issue to DreamHost Support, and I changed my mail account password. Is there anything else I should do? I only check email on Macs so I rarely have to think about virus scanning, this is kind of new territory for me. Thank you

Have some of them view the source of an original email and copy/paste it into a text file and send it to you. The source should contain the mail server routes used to send the rogue mailings and reveal from where they originated.

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