Even Yahoo Goes Down for the Count


Performance Issues for Yahoo

Yahoo’s web sites experienced brief performance problems earlier today, with users in some areas experiencing more significant problems than others. Yahoo is one of the world’s busiest web sites (currently the number two Web destination for users of the Netcraft toolbar), and thus the outages have been noted by the Internet Storm Center and news outlets. The yahoo.com home page was inaccessible for several hours from our London monitoring station and responded more slowly than usual from several locations in the U.S. Yahoo search appears to have experienced lengthier availability problems than the home page and other Yahoo services.

Yahoo’s performance problems can be seen on this chart:
yahoo.com site performance

dynamically updating chart of the Yahoo.com web site performance is available. Netcraft offers a web site performance monitoring service that provides similar charts, along with e-mail alerts when an outage occurs.
Posted by Rich Miller at 06:39 PM UTC on Jul 6, 2007 in Performance | Link to this

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Maybe yahoo should move away from hosting on dreamhost then, obviously they need something better. :wink:

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Did they ever release any information as to the cause of the outage?

OT: I’ve been mad at Yahoo ever since their toolbar team took it upon themselves to change the “default page for new tabs” to yahoo search when you install their toolbar - without asking and without a way of changing it back without editing your registry.

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