European speed - a newbie question

Excuse this super newbie question; I have actually been a designer for a long time but I am curious about something…

Will Dreamhost load slowly in Europe (if on a fast connection)? If it is important for me to be seen in Europe, should I get a U.K. mirror?

I wouldn’t say slowly as such, but all things relative it will always load slower than a fast link in Europe/London because of the jump across the pond.

I’m based in the UK and I’m hosted with Dreamhost and I don’t mind the extra fraction of a second it takes to load a page. I don’t think your users will notice, unless you’ve got a very high bandwidth need and therefore it would be wise to move the site to site closer to your customers networks.

Looking at a traceroute from a box based in London/LINX to Dreamhost, you can see the crucial points here:

15 ( 8.080 ms 8.213 ms 8.540 ms 16 ( 81.296 ms 80.823 ms 80.702 ms 17 ( 142.547 ms 142.730 ms 142.610 ms 15-16 is the step across the pond and then 16-17 is the step across the US. The last step looks a bit steep at the mometn actually, not sure if there’s congestion somewhere.

On average it takes me about 137ms to connect to the Dreamhost box from where I am and I’m on a pretty fast connection. I’m comparing that with speeds of about 17ms to a similar box in London/telehouse.

But I’m yet to see a UK hosting provider match Dreamhost for service and features for the price. Take your pick. :slight_smile:

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It also depends on a number of factors; which providers we’re using, which providers you’re using, what route the traffic takes, and the route that traffic back to you takes.

I think that in most cases, it won’t be too noticable, although a European ISP would be a bit faster.