.eu domain redirect to DH site

I have registered a .eu domain with another host and want to have that domain pointing at another domain that I have registered and hosted here @ DH.

I contacted the host and asked them to do this and they replied with the following:

"We have attempted to set these nameservers, however they are failing the DNS check performed when updating nameservers.

For .eu domains, the nameservers must be configured to receive the domain in advance of the changeover. In this case, the nameservers you provided have no records on them for this domain and so it has failed the check.

You will need to contact Dreamhost and have them add the domain to their nameservers in advance of this changeover."

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do here so if someone could please enlighten me.

Is this something I can do myself via the CP?
If so how? If not what’s the best way to get this sorted?

Thanks in advance.

The first step is to create that Redirect (or Mirror) domain in the panel here. Once that’s done, then the DNS servers here will have your domain on record.



I think you have what I want to do back to front.
The help file you linked to is about how to redirect DH-hosted domains to another location.

I already have my website hosted here with DH.
I simply own another .eu domain elsewhere. What I want to do is have it so that when somebody types in www.myurl.eu, it’s redirected here to my DH-hosted site.

So in other words it’s a 301 from my .eu registrar to my DH hosted site.

The registrar gave me the above reply (see the main post) which doesn’t make any sense to me. I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out.

Add the new (not hosted here) domain as Fully Hosted - it won’t be, of course, but that’ll get it on the system.

An alternative is what you mentioned - use .htaccess at the other webhost to 301 requests to the DH domain.

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Ok so if I add the domain as fully hosted here what’s the next step?

Do I also need to put the real DH hosted site URL in the Redirect section or can I just go straight to the other registrar and ask them to try the nameservers again?

Also, this just occurred to me when you mentioned registering the .eu through the DH panel - and this might be a dumb question but what the hell - I’m already hosting a domain here, as I said. I’m also hosting email accounts for that domain with DH mailservers. I’d like to change it to Gmail but that seems like a lot of hassle right now.

What would be really sweet is if I could keep my DH email as-is for my DH-hosted .net but also use Gmail (and apps) for the .eu domain though the DH panel. Would this be possible? Man that would be so sweet if I could.

Next step is tell the other host that the domain is now mapped at DH. You can use GMail from any webhost - GoogleApps aren’t specific to DreamHost and the Panel here has nothing at all to do with GMail other than provide a link on occassion.

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