Ethic/Appropriateness of comparing DH to other vendors here?

Having been with DH for something like 11 years, I’m in desperate need of getting a VPS to support my WordPress sites. While there are a number of competitors out there, only a few really qualify in terms of pricing, features, and popular approval. I’d like to discuss options with someone but am hesitent to use this DH forum to compare DH products to competitors. How does DH feel about that? I want to give DH an opportunity to respond to inquiries, competitive claims, etc. I’ve openly asked DH Marketing to help me in my determination of VPS services. I want this to be a fair and positive discussion. And I really want to continue giving my business to DH. I’m just not finding the right “forum” for that kind of discussion. Emails with a single sales rep are always useless (with any company) as the individuals are only focused on what they do, with blinders on to competitive offerings. I just want to have a frank discussion with colleagues about what’s available in the world so that we can make good decisions. If DH gets upset with such a discussion or they can’t keep up with the competitors, perhaps that’s a message to management that they need to do something about that, rather than try to prevent people from talking about the subject.

So are we OK to have this discussion, name names and pricing?


Sure, as long as the discussion is fair and stays on technical levels I have no problems. I will remove posts that simply link to competitors pages though or have just hollow mumbojumbo: add technical details and valuable information for customers, or honestly share first-person experience.

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