Etherpad Lite & SSL

I’m in the process of fumbling through an Etherpad install. The documentation assumes I know a lot more than I actually do, so I’m getting a little frustrated, and it assumes I have sudo/root access, which I don’t on a vps. But that’s not what I’m posting for help with here.

I have Let’s Encrypt set up on the domain that I’m installing this to, but the etherpad doesn’t seem to want to recognize that. There’s a block in the configuration file that should allow me to fix that, but I don’t know the actual path to the files it wants:

// Node native SSL support
// this is disabled by default
// make sure to have the minimum and correct file access permissions set
// so that the Etherpad server can access them

"ssl" : {
          "key"  : "/path-to-your/epl-server.key",
          "cert" : "/path-to-your/epl-server.crt",
          "ca": ["/path-to-your/epl-intermediate-cert1.crt", "/path-to-your/epl-intermediate-cert2.crt"]

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

I don’t think that letsencrypt certificates are supposed to be readable by the users so that snippet can’t be filled in. Can you share the instructions you’re following to install the software? Maybe you don’t need to change any of that and we can provide you with some simpler suggestion on how to solve the issue.

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