Errors when using TortoiseSVN to access DH Subversion

I’ve created an SVN repository on one Dreamhost account (host1), and I’m using the repository from another (host2).

Things work fine when logged into the second machine and using the command line, e.g.

host2$ svn copy http://host1/project/trunk http://host1/project/branches/somename

but when I try to access the repository from my laptop (Windows XP) with TortoiseSVN ( - 32 bit) to do a similar copy, I get the error message

Error: PROPFIND of ‘/project/branches/somename’: Compressed stream invalid (http://host1)

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling TSVN.

Dreamhost support is pointing to memory errors on host1, but I can’t tell if that’s at the time of my SVN attempts or not and what might be causing those.

Has anyone else seen that error?

Are folks using TSVN from Windows XP with DH SVN repository okay?