Error when setting up Gmail

I am trying to use Gmail instead of the regular DreamHost Email service.

After indicating in the DreamHost Panel (manage domains section) that I want to use Gmail, I follow the link to sign up for Google Apps.

I enter my domain name as requested and then get the following error message:
«This domain has already been registered with Google Apps. Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this domain.»

Note: I have seen on another page, a comment by sdayman that says:
«Go to the panel here for Domains -> Manage Domains and click on the Edit link for that domain. Somewhere in there is the link to administer your Google Apps account.»


I finally have found the link to administer my Google Apps account for my domain.

But now they are asking for USERNAME & PASSWORD.

Unfortunately I don’t have any!

Is there any way around that?

Finally I found a way: Since I don’t have any username or password with Google Apps, they have to verify that I am really the administrator of my domain. Therefore, I have to set up a new CNAME for my domain and wait up to 48 hours for their email.

There must be an easier & FASTER way!