Error Using SMTP with

Hello. I have a site running wp 3.8 on Dreamhost (surprise that’s why i’m posting here… hee)

I have read several threads about the need to have the match the hosted site address in the WP SMTP plug-ins.

I have set up to have I have set the confirgurations in three seperate plug-ins (never activated at same time) with this info and I’m still getting an error.

It seems dreamhost won’t let me send emails to members joining the site?

how do I fix this?

where does the domain come in the picture? If you are sending email via that domain then you will need to use valid microsoft live credentials to log in. If this is even possible… my memory is the free @live mail didn’t allow external smtp connections.

If you are using dreamhost smtp, then the plug in must be configured to use email @yourdomain.

In anycase your post is not very clear about what you are actually doing. It seems like you are mixing a dreamhost email rule with trying to use external SMTP that may or may not be possible to use.

I’m using as my web app for email. mx: set to with an application interface / sky drive / calendar / etc.

so you are sending your email for the domain outside of dreamhost with that mx record.

The rule about email must come from your domain doesn’t directly apply anymore because you are using @live to host mail, and you would need to use as your smtp service in the plugin. You can google for related smtp settings… google something like " smtp"